Bravo! You made it! Or: The end of the remodeling process

The Walk-through

Near the end of your project, your contractor should take you on a tour of your newly remodeled space, showing you any new appliances and products. For example, they may show you how to operate and clean your new windows, how to make minor adjustments to your doors, or how to regulate the new thermostats. You should also get any owner’s manuals and warranties for your appliances and other products installed during the remodel. Keep your manuals and warranties in case you ever need to consult them!

Final inspections

Most projects require a final inspection or Certificate of Occupancy from the local codes department before the project is considered complete. This is something to consider as you make plans to move back into your remodeled space.

Final Payments

Most contracts allow for a percentage of the money owed to be held back as a retainer to protect the homeowner against any problems that may arise within the last few weeks of a project. Your remodeler will expect final payment when all work is complete and payment is due according to the contract.

Maintaining your newly remodeled home

Now for the fun part: maintenance! Your newly remodeled home will have a period of adjustment when it may need minor corrections and adjustments. Remember that wood is a natural substance and that it shrinks and moves in general. It will take the new wood in your home time to settle and adjust as the natural climate of your heat and air takes effect. Stains take some time to set in and colors may darken or change slightly; your drywall joints may crack a little as the home settles, and nails might pop up under the drywall as you use the doors and windows. All of these adjustments are typical and should be expected. Some of these items could be covered under your home or project warranty; be sure to ask your potential contractor about the adjustment period.

Regular home maintenance is your responsibility. Have a small set of tools on hand for everyday use, but for attempting any repairs you are concerned about, always contact your remodeler. Remember, any tinkering may invalidate your warranties!

Now it’s time to sit back and enjoy your newly remodeled home! Bravo! You made it!!

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